For Sony, CES is a show of sheer, brute force. It’s all about a big, flashy showing from a consumer electronics giant. And unlike big competitors like Samsung and LG, Sony hasn’t spent much of the past few weeks showing its hand, so there’s going to be plenty of unknown here.

That said, if past years are any indication (as they nearly always are), this is going to be a big show for TV and audio offerings. Given the way pretty much every other announcement has gone this year, it seems like a safe bet that we’ll see plenty of announcements tied to voice-based AI like Google Assistant.

And, of course, this is Sony we’re talking about, so expect lots of general weirdness around the edges.

The Sony CES 2018 live blog starts at 5:00pm PST.

Devin Coldewey January 8, 20184:42 pm

I’ll look into the tech behind the competing TV tech once the show gets started and I can get at the folks who know such things.

Devin Coldewey January 8, 20184:40 pm

LG went hard on OLED this morning (very early this morning). Then Samsung just trashed OLED in favor of Micro LED. What’s Sony’s play?

Devin Coldewey January 8, 20184:39 pm
Devin Coldewey January 8, 20184:37 pm

Brian Heater January 8, 20184:37 pm

Xperia handsets are always a possibility at these things, as well. The company company’s certainly announced those at past CESes, though with MWC coming up in a little of a month, it may just opt to keep its powder dry until then. 

Lucas Matney January 8, 20184:36 pm

To further set the stage, “Waste a Moment” by Kings of Leon is playin

Brian Heater January 8, 20184:36 pm

As mentioned above, Sony’s one of the few big names here that didn’t spill the beans ahead of the event. That said, it seems safe to assume we’ll getting the usual spread at the show: lots of TV, home hifi and personal audio news. 

Devin Coldewey January 8, 20184:35 pm

shout out to the guy blinking in the front row

Devin Coldewey January 8, 20184:35 pm

Brian Heater January 8, 20184:34 pm

It’s the usual Sony CES aesthetic, which is to say bright, even blindingly white shag carpeting and walls. 

Brian Heater January 8, 20184:33 pm

And we’re in. Like always, Sony’s converted its convention center booth into a press conference space.